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Social Enterprises

The Business & Economic Development Department (BED) of Tlingit & Haida is dedicated to creating tribal social enterprises that not only have a financial bottom line, but a social and cultural bottom line that is reflective of Southeast’s traditional Tribal values: respect, patience, pride in family, courage, and strength in the mind, body, and spirit.

Through the BED Social Enterprise program, employment and training opportunities are made available to Tribal members who, for a variety of reasons, experience challenges in obtaining meaningful employment elsewhere. The heart of the Social Enterprises mission is to focus on the person, their strengths, and finding a place where they can experience success and independence.

By supporting the Social Enterprises’ family of businesses, you are not only supporting the mission and vision of BED to help economically diversify the Tribe’s revenue streams but you are also supporting our efforts to provide second chances and opportunities to our most at-risk Tribal citizens.

Already, BED has seen inspiring success from these efforts and continues to partner internally with departments and programs such as Head Start, Employment & Training, Second Chance Reentry, Work Experience and TANF in order to strive to make a meaningful impact throughout Southeast Alaska.

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