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Smokehouse caters to groups of 25 or more. Pricing is per guest.
Additional coffee and beverage service provided by Sacred Grounds Café.


Often referred to as the most important meal of the day, Smokehouse Catering has all the ingredients to make sure your morning gathering gets off to the right start. Whether you need a simple business breakfast or a customized buffet with all the extras, Smokehouse can create multiple menu solutions suitable for your event and your budget. All breakfasts include water and a selection of fruit juices.

The Continental Core

Freshly baked pastries • Selection of fruit preserves and whipped butter • Hand-selected fruits • Granola and energy bars • Warm oatmeal

The Executive Continental

Freshly baked artisan pastries • Fruit preserves and whipped butter • Platter of sliced seasonal fruits and berries • Variety of breakfast cereals, oatmeal, and yogurts • Choice of milk(s)

The Sun’s Up Breakfast Buffet

Hot scrambled eggs • Oven roasted potatoes with fresh herbs • Delicately baked pastries and bread • Fruit preserves and whipped butter • Seasonal fruit and berry platter • Assortment of breakfast cereals • (Select two) Applewood smoked bacon, country sausage links, turkey sausage links, grilled smoked ham or seared tofu • (Select one) Brioche French toast or grilled pancakes • Choice of milk(s)

A.M. Enhancements

Give your guests a morning boost with optional menu add-ons that will enrich the morning breakfast experience. Enhancements include:

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffles made to order with fresh berry compote, pure maple syrup, whipped cream and butter (attendant required).

Omelet Bar

“Just as You Like it” Omelet Bar with choices that include cheddar and Swiss cheeses, diced smoked ham, sliced mushrooms, diced peppers, chopped sweet onions, spinach, bacon, and salsa fresca (attendant required).

Southeast Smoked Salmon

Southeast Smoked Salmon with traditional accompaniments such as sliced New York Style bagels, cream cheese, onions, and capers.

Grilled Alaskan Reindeer Sausage


When done right, a great lunch can be a charming and welcoming companion—capable of bringing people together for conversation, creativity, comradery, and more.  Whether it’s for a working lunch, conference break, mid-day reception, or for some fun in the sun, Smokehouse has all the right ingredients to flavor every occasion. All lunches include assorted soft drinks, mineral and spring water, and a choice of assorted cookies or brownies for dessert.

Picnic Lunch

  • Who doesn’t love a picnic? Our diverse picnic menu has something for everyone and we can gladly adjust according to tastes and needs.
Fresh baked breads and rolls • Classic Caesar salad with garlic croutons • Seasonal fruit salad • Tuna salad • Deli meat platter • Cheese platter • “On-the-Side” platter that includes tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, kosher pickles, and olives • Condiments • Variety of potato chips • Basket of fresh fruit

It‘s a wrap

  • This explosion of flavor offers three types of wraps available on flavored flatbread.
Wrap 1—Southwestern tequila lime chicken with caramelized onions Wrap 2—Garlic shrimp wrapped with avocado and baby spring mix lettuce with a lemon dill aioli Wrap 3—Grilled vegetables, baby spring mix lettuce with sun-dried tomatoes • Habanero cream cheese • Sundried tomatoes • Smoked mozzarella • Variety of potato chips • Salad (choose one) Classic Caesar • Italian pasta • Shredded iceberg lettuce

Mexico in Alaska

  • Enjoy our take on the traditional Mexican buffet. We have two flavorful food options available • OPTION 1
Corn and flour tortillas • Cilantro chicken • Marinated beef • Assorted vegetables • Cheese • Pico de Gallo Homemade tortilla chips • Fresh salsa • Guacamole • Cheese and chicken enchiladas • Mexican rice • Refried beans • Sour cream • Salsa Verde

Mexico in Alaska

  • Enjoy our take on the traditional Mexican buffet. We have two flavorful food options available • OPTION 2
Homemade fry bread • Seasoned ground beef • Shredded lettuce • Diced tomato • Cheddar cheese • Black olives Homemade tortilla chips • Fresh salsa • Guacamole • Cheese and chicken enchiladas • Mexican rice • Refried beans • Sour cream • Salsa Verde

Parmigiana and Pasta

  • Welcome an international flavor to your table with these classic Italian comfort foods.
Classic Caesar salad with garlic croutons • Chicken parmesan • Alfredo seafood pasta • Roasted seasonal vegetables • Warm garlic bread • Basket of whole fresh fruit

Italian Picnic

  • A light lunch doesn’t have to be uninteresting! Our Italian Picnic option shakes up the traditional box lunch with some flavorful fun.
Classic Caesar salad with garlic croutons • Pasta with shaved parmesan • Roasted potato salad with whole grain mustard vinaigrette • Assorted panini and focaccia smoked ham and turkey sandwiches • Variety of potato chips

Mid-Day Enhancements

Provide your gathering with a mid-day boost and add-on any of the following ala carte items to enrich your meal service. Enhancements include:

Alaskan Amber Halibut Fish and Chips

Halibut Quesadilla with Shredded Mozzarella

Alaskan Halibut Ceviche with Blue Corn Chips

Alaskan Amber Elk Chili

Smoked Salmon with Sailor Boy Crackers

Creamy Southeast Seafood Chowder


At Smokehouse Catering, we take dinner personally. With a wide-variety of meal packages to choose from, we can use one of our pre-created menus or fashion a dinner menu that is personalized for your gathering.  All dinners include assorted soft drinks, mineral and spring water with a chef’s choice dessert.

Taste of Italy

  • Celebrate flavor with this culinary destination of excellence!
Chicken marsala with wild mushroom sauce • Gourmet meatballs • Cheese raviolis in creamy tomato sauce • Roasted seasonal vegetables • Grilled garlic bread • Green salad with olives, celery, carrots, goat cheese crumble, and Italian dressing • Tiramisu

Feed Your Dreams

  • This unpretentious yet vibrant combo is entertainment made easy.
Herb marinated free-range chicken breast with mustard thyme jus • Pesto fettuccine with sautéed tiger prawns • Oven roasted potatoes • Roasted seasonal vegetables • Heirloom tomato and spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette • Freshly baked artisan rolls and butter

Feel Fine Dining

  • Escape the typical and embrace the extraordinary with our Smokehouse brisket specialty.
• Brisket slow cooked to perfection • Herb roasted chicken • Savory rice pilaf • Roasted herb potatoes • Seasonal vegetables • Spring mix salad with raisins, pears, feta cheese crumble, candied pecans in a balsamic vinaigrette • Freshly baked artisan rolls and butter

Chef Carved Excellence

  • Our Smokehouse slow roasted prime rib will take your guests on a delicious journey that offers an amazing experience for all!
Black Angus prime rib rubbed with garlic, olive oil, salt, and fresh herbs; served with horseradish cream sauce and au jus • Halibut Alyeska • Roasted seasonal vegetables • Potatoes au gratin oven baked with a creamy cheddar sauce • Spinach salad with strawberries, goat cheese, toasted almonds, and citrus vinaigrette • Freshly baked artisan rolls and butter

Glorious Southeast Gourmet

  • This decadent buffet showcases some of the most delectable flavors of Southeast Alaska! $55/guest
Choice of salad (choose one): Spring Mix with raisins, pears, feta cheese crumble, candied pecans, champagne vinaigrette; or Baby Spinach with strawberries, goat cheese, toasted almonds and citrus vinaigrette. Primary protein: Grilled Alaskan King Salmon with citrus beurre blanc; and Boneless Beef Short Ribs with merlot demi glaze Creamy Southeast seafood chowder • Green beans with toasted almonds • Garlic Yukon mashed potatoes • Spinach rice pilaf • Freshly baked artisan rolls and butter

P.M. Enhancements

Our tasteful creation of canapes will bring on the food party.  With both hot and cold canapes, there is something to satisfy even the fussiest foodie!

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon

Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

Beef Sate with Bangkok Peanut Sauce

Parmesan Encrusted Artichoke Hearts

Mushroom Beef Wellington

Spicy Beef Empanada

Baked Raspberry and Brie in Puff Pastry with Almonds

Asparagus and Asiago Phyllo Dough

Stuffed Mushrooms Florentine

Vegetarian Spring rolls, Sweet Chili, and Soy Sauce

Assorted Mini Quiche


Phyllo Cup with Crab Salad

Marinated Shrimp and Gazpacho Shooter/guest

Jumbo Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce

Smoked Salmon Cups with Cream Cheese on Cucumber

Mediterranean Kabob with Artichoke Hearts and Sundried Tomato

Thai Beef Tenderloin on Crostini

Melon Wrapped in Prosciutto

Bruschetta with tomato and basil vinaigrette

Reception Platters

Signature Sweets

Assorted homemade cookies and brownies; chocolate covered strawberries; European-style petit fours; and lemon bars.

European Antipasti

Capicola, salami, mortadella, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, provolone and gorgonzola cheeses; marinated and grilled vegetables, mushrooms, olives, artichoke hearts, and roasted tomatoes; served with crusty country bread, crackers, and crostini.

Seasonal Fruit and Berries

Served with honey yogurt dressing.


A gorgeous display of crisp garden vegetables; dips that include buttermilk, ranch, and chipotle-parmesan; pita chips and crostini; creamy hummus and tapenade.

Artisanal Cheese Platter

Chef’s selection of local and imported artisanal cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, berries, whole grain and water crackers, and sliced baguettes.

Crab Cake with Citrus Aioli

*All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability

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